Types of pockets on men's jackets

    Types of jacket pockets - The external pockets of the men's jacket represent an element that significantly influences the design of a jacket. In fact, depending on the pocket model, the connotation of a dress or jacket can vary greatly, and can also affect the harmony of the figure, for this reason it is important to know the various types of pockets and avoid lapses in style.

    An important tip is not to unstitch the stitching that closes the external pockets so as not to ruin the aesthetics of the jacket, using the internal pockets to store personal objects.

    Let us now delve into the various types of pockets together:

    • Welt pockets : present on tailored jackets and trousers, they are recessed, have a reinforced edge and are intended to contain handkerchiefs and flat or not too bulky objects. It represents a sober and refined detail and is used for formal and elegant dresses.

    • Patch pockets : this is a pocket applied externally via a visible stitching, it makes the jacket informal and sporty and is used for casual style jackets and blazers. This type of pocket is generally unstitched, therefore ready for use, but it is always better not to weigh it down with bulky objects.

    • Welt pockets with flap : The flap pockets are pockets with two welts, in which a strip of fabric with rounded lines defined precisely as skate . This type of pocket allows a "double chance" as the flaps can be hidden inside the piping, so as to make the jacket formal or informal depending on the occasion.

    • Pocket : this pocket is positioned on the chest on the left side and can be enriched with one clutch bag according to personal tastes. The pocket is generally of two types: welt and patch. The welt pocket is the most classic and formal and is integrated into the external fabric of the jacket, emphasized by an applied fabric strip called pistagna . The patch pocket is more casual and sporty and consists of a pocket applied to the outside of the jacket using visible stitching.

    • Ticket pocket : it is the pocket positioned on the side, above the right pocket, and is asymmetrical as it does not have its "twin" on the left side. As can be understood from the name, it was created to store travel tickets and today, while maintaining its original functionality, it represents a stylistic detail, generally in a fillet steak or fillet with flap.

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