What to wear for a man invited to a wedding?

    Attending a wedding as a guest always raises a series of questions and doubts about what the right dress to wear is. There are various factors to evaluate and take into consideration since wedding ceremonies are not all the same, and differ from each other in terms of time, location, season and any dress code suggested by the spouses. The guests are also "called" to observe stylistic and good taste rules to exhibit a look that is suitable for the ceremony and respectful towards those celebrating. In fact, it is good to remember that on these occasions the protagonists are the spouses, so it is good practice not to steal the show with eccentric or flashy outfits.

    How to dress for a daytime wedding?

    Weddings celebrated during the day offer greater freedom in choosing the outfit for the guest, both in terms of shapes and colours, but be careful though, the complete or separate dress remains a must to be respected. The recommended colors are all natural, from ivory to beige, from sand to light blue, from pastels to soft greys. The choice of shoes is freer in this case given the nature of the event, an elegant classic day shoe is always the best choice but the use of sneakers and open shoes for beach celebrations is now also widely accepted. The tie is optional, but always appreciated.

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    How to dress for an evening wedding?

    Ceremonies held in the evening or late afternoon require an elegant look and the choice can only fall on a complete suit. The dark tones of blue and gray in solid colors are certainly the most appropriate choice for this type of event, to be worn with a tie or bow tie, preferably in the same fabric and color as the suit. The white shirt is highly recommended, the use of cufflinks and pocket square is optional, but recommended if you want to add a further touch of elegance to your look. Complete your outfit with classic semi-gloss black leather lace-ups.

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    How to dress for a Black-Tie wedding?

    Elegant and refined, the Black-Tie reception is certainly an important ceremony that creates high expectations, and the elegance of the guests also plays a decisive role in the success of the event. Do you know James Bond? The iconic black Tuxedo, with satin lapels and covered buttons, frequently worn by Agent 007, is the perfect outfit for ceremonies of this magnitude. Complete your look with a satin bow tie and sash, white formal shirt with cufflinks, white pocket square and classic shiny black lace-up shoes. In the case of a " Black-Tie Optional " ceremony, the tuxedo is optional but the elegance of the outfit must still be kept high. In the case of a " Black-Tie Creative " ceremony, the guest is still directed towards a very elegant outfit, but is free to express himself through the use of brocade, embroidered, textured or damask jackets, combined with sober black tailored trousers plain or with tone-on-tone satin side band.

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